About HER

Naomie is the founder of Her Sweet Dreams LLC, an online
boutique that specializes in Women’s Sleepwear and Lingerie. Her Sweet Dreams also
provides Romantic Décor services for all celebrations in New York City, New
Jersey, Long Island and Connecticut.  

HER drive, ambition, and work ethic are all unmatched. Naomie
recently graduated with her Masters in Social Work. She's always been passionate
about helping people and making people feel good. She is also a mother to two
toddlers so most of her time is spent home watching movies with her children. Naomie
is the epitome of a homebody who loves wearing different flavor pajamas and
that’s exactly how the brand came about back in 2020. It’s no secret how much
Naomie loves her family, she enjoys hosting family gatherings and at these gatherings
whether small or big, Naomie is committed to having a theme and decorating.
With her family’s constant feedback of how great her work is Naomie finally decided
to turn a hobby of hers to Her Sweet Dreams newest addition, The Experience.